Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a four-year work program that lists all regionally significant and federally-funded transportation projects and services in the MPO planning area. The Federal funding programs are found in Titles 23 and 49 of the United States Code (USC). The TIP includes projects for all modes of surface transportation, including highways and streets, public transportation, and walking and bicycling. All projects in the TIP are derived from the Johnson City MTPO 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), which is a plan that is required to cover at least a twenty (20) year timeframe of planning for projects in the future.  Additionally, the TIP must be fiscally constrained by including a financial plan that demonstrates how the program of projects can be implemented.  This includes identifying eligible federal, state, and local funding sources and the fiscal year in which each project's phases are to be funded.

The current Fiscal Years (FY) 2017-2020 TIP was adopted by the Executive Board and Executive Staff on November 4, 2016. It was approved by FHWA and FTA on January 6, 2017. It runs from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2020.

Johnson City MTPO FY 2017-2020 TIP, as adjusted and amended below.

Interactive Electronic TIP, a version with a map.


List of Changes to the FY 2017-2020 TIP

Though the TIP is adopted once every four years, it can be amended or modified to account for changes in funding, phases or project needs. These amendments and administrative modifications (adjustments) to the FY 2017-2020 TIP are listed below.

List of Approved Amendments


List of Administrative Modifications

In addition to the adjustments to the project pages in the list above, Adjustment 16 adds text to the document as a new section for Performance Measures. Also, Adjustment 21 updates the targets for the Safety Performance Measures and adds the targets for Pavement, Bridge and System Performance.


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