Johnson City Intelligent Transportation System Project


The City of Johnson City is experiencing significant growth and related increases in traffic congestion alongA view of a traffic camera on a pole
its major streets. Due to funding, environmental, physical and other constraints that limit the ability to expand the transportation infrastructure, an effort to develop integrated and advanced operating strategies is needed to more effectively meet the mobility and safety challenges facing the City. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) improve transportation safety and mobility and enhance productivity through the use of advanced technologies. The Johnson City ITS Master Plan was prepared to guide ITS implementation in the City of Johnson City, with the goal of improving the safety and efficiency of the surface transportation network. This Plan sets forth a strategic vision for how, when and where various ITS components can be implemented and integrated within the City to ensure that tangible beneifits are achieved for both the system and its users.

Johnson City ITS Master Plan Organization

A view of a cut fiber cable with multiple fiber optics in viewThis ITS Master Plan contains four major components: (1) Concept of Operations, (2) ITS Implementation Plan, (3) Systems Engineering Analysis Guidelines, and (4) ITS Business Plan. Additionally, there are five Technical Memorandums contained in the appendices of this Plan that provide supporting documentation related to the communications network, how video and data will be transmitted and presented at the Traffic Management Center (TMC), an analysis of adaptive signal control systems, and the functional requirements for the interactive traveler information system website. Click here to view the complete ITS master plan.



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