About the JC MTPO Administrative Staff

The administrative staff of the Johnson City MTPO is housed as a division of the Development Services Department of the City of Johnson City.  As required by federal law, the Johnson City MTPO is still responsible for the 3-C transportation planning process for all its member jurisdictions. 

Transportation Planning Coordinator and Executive Secretary to the Executive Board

The Transportation Planning Coordinator is the administrative staff position responsible for the day to day operations of the Johnson City MTPO. As the name implies, this position coordinates transportation planning activities with local governments, as well as state and federal agencies. The Coordinator also serves as Secretary to the Executive Board and must be approved by the board for this position.

Glenn K. Berry

Email: glennberry [at] jcmpo.org

Phone: (423) 434-6272


Transportation Planner

The Transportation Planner reports to the Coordinator and is responsible for assisting with the day to day operations and data maintenance.  This includes duties related to the development and maintenance of the TIP, UPWP, Travel Demand Forecast Model, and other MTPO programs as required. The Transportation Planner is also responsible for maintaining the Title VI program and other civil rights activities.

Mary Butler

Email: marybutler [at] jcmpo.org

Phone: (423) 434-6277


Fax: (423) 434-6280


Office Address:

Johnson City MTPO (second floor of the Johnson City Transit Center)

137 West Market Street

Johnson City, TN 37604




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